It’s Official.

Hong Kong here I come, I just booked tickets to Hong Kong for a 3 week holiday over the June/July university holidays as well as booked myself on a trip from Hong Kong to Beijing with a tour group.
Normally I would turn my nose up at tour groups, the prices they charge, the hurried and rushed way of travelling and the way they come over as overly ‘touristy’ but I know from experience that the way I travel on my own is very nochalant and chilled (which is a nice way of saying lazy and unorganized) and as such I would not see as much as I hope to. So I did a great deal of reasearch and found a tour company thats more my style, and alot cheaper, their trips involve a lot of walking and bus rides, which I always feel add are certain charm to travel and are how I would do things anyway.
Basically, this post is about nothing at all really other than just to let you all know and to say how excited I am!

And if you know of any must see’s in Hong Kong or nearby, please be sure to leave me a comment because I hate when you go somewhere and after you get home someone’s say “Did you see such and such, its the most amazing place”. And you didn’t, and there’s no way you can anymore.


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