Printed Leggings

They’ve been around for quite some time now, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about printed leggings. That being said I have bought into the trend in the form of black and white vertical striped ‘beetlejuice’ leggings from Black Milk, but I’m more referencing the ones I’ve seen with actually pictures, far more ‘outrageous’ prints and designs. Such as french fries, cats, bones, and even Ryan Gosling’s face. Looking at them in online stores they look brilliant, hilarious and generally like the greatest things ever and I frequently feel the immense need to buy many of them.
But then I wonder, what do you wear them with, how do you wear them. And yes I know, some would say they are daring and add flair to an outfit. But honestly how do you avoid looking tacky and just a little weird, I mean they are made of lycra after all.
Maybe it’s just me, maybe because I’m more of a black, whit, grey with a splash of colour girl. Maybe its because I strive for either a sophisticated and polished style or a trashy grunge look depending on which end of the spectrum I’m going for and they just don’t fit in with either of those. But I’m yet to see someone do it right, I’m yet to see someone where them and look spot on. Sure they look great on the model, and in the pictures, but so do many things. Hell, even a garbage bag would look good on some of those girls, but that’s not to say we should all start wearing them.
But as I stare at them I have that feeling where I just think, I would never wear them, I have so many better options of pants to wear..
And just to put it out there, Its not the lycra (even though its very unflattering on most people) or even the leggings part I’m against (I love a good pair of leggings as much as the next girl) its generally just the prints, and how they can look tacky.
But anyway, feast your eyes on these leggings and marvel at how brilliant and funny and just downright great they are. And then try to imagine wearing them in public. I dare you.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.36.49 am Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.41.01 am Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.36.40 am   Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.38.08 am


3 thoughts on “Printed Leggings

    • Hahah. I sort of just wish I owned them. I’m not sure if I’d ever wear them but yeah.
      I also found some brilliant ones on etsy with Ryan Gosling’s face on. They’d be hilarious. Hahah

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