Obsession – Hopeless lingerie

So this particular shop I have been following on Facebook for quite some time and am absolutely in love with every single piece, and I haven’t yet actually bought anything, largely due to the fact I just cannot decide what I want most, because currently if my financial situation allowed it I would probably buy ever single item, maybe a few of each so I have spares..
Right now though I’m just watching (and lusting) and trying to decide which piece I should choose to be my first.
One of the things I love so much about this brand is that all the pieces are handmade individually and as such you can feel good about buying them because you won’t be contributing to the sweatshop industry and you also will be sure that each piece will be of incredible quality.
Another thing I’m amazed at is how incredibly classy and gorgeous each individual piece is and how wonderful the styling, designs, marketing and photo shoots that are created by this brand, especially since it is so easy for lingerie to become tasteless and trashy even.

But without further ado, here they are for you to enjoy too.


Sorry for the excessive number of photos too, not only can I not decide what to buy, It seems I also can’t even decide which ones to share with you. But I guess it does prove how much I am actually obsessed with these pieces.

Oh and you can find them on www.facebook.com/pages/Hopeless-Lingerie/42164517446?fref=ts or www.hopelesslingerie.bigcartel.com


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