I swear I must be the queen of procrastination. I can’t help but push things back, saying I’ll do them another day I’ve got better things to do now, even when I don’t, even when not doing them means I’ll just lay in bed and watch movies instead, even when I know that if I do it at a later date I wont do it anywhere near as well, and by not doing it as well there will be ramifications. By not doing it now, I’m only giving myself a lot more work, a lot more catch up in the future. Yet why I procrastinate time and time again.

I think in a way I do things better under pressure, I work harder and more efficiently. Yet with pressure comes lack of time, lack of time to do all that I should be doing.

And even as I sit here, procrastinating by writing this post. I can acknowledge that I’ll regret this procrastination later, I know exactly what I should be doing. Yet here I sit, still not doing it.


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