I’m back

Sorry, I’ve disappeared for a while.
I had exams and was crazy busy.
But I’m back. And my dad and I just went on a roadtrip from Christchurch up to Auckland so I’ll update you on that shortly. Also tomorrow I fly to Hong Kong!

Anyway, I promise to try to not disappear again anytime soon ❤️❤️

It’s Official.

Hong Kong here I come, I just booked tickets to Hong Kong for a 3 week holiday over the June/July university holidays as well as booked myself on a trip from Hong Kong to Beijing with a tour group.
Normally I would turn my nose up at tour groups, the prices they charge, the hurried and rushed way of travelling and the way they come over as overly ‘touristy’ but I know from experience that the way I travel on my own is very nochalant and chilled (which is a nice way of saying lazy and unorganized) and as such I would not see as much as I hope to. So I did a great deal of reasearch and found a tour company thats more my style, and alot cheaper, their trips involve a lot of walking and bus rides, which I always feel add are certain charm to travel and are how I would do things anyway.
Basically, this post is about nothing at all really other than just to let you all know and to say how excited I am!

And if you know of any must see’s in Hong Kong or nearby, please be sure to leave me a comment because I hate when you go somewhere and after you get home someone’s say “Did you see such and such, its the most amazing place”. And you didn’t, and there’s no way you can anymore.

Printed Leggings

They’ve been around for quite some time now, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about printed leggings. That being said I have bought into the trend in the form of black and white vertical striped ‘beetlejuice’ leggings from Black Milk, but I’m more referencing the ones I’ve seen with actually pictures, far more ‘outrageous’ prints and designs. Such as french fries, cats, bones, and even Ryan Gosling’s face. Looking at them in online stores they look brilliant, hilarious and generally like the greatest things ever and I frequently feel the immense need to buy many of them.
But then I wonder, what do you wear them with, how do you wear them. And yes I know, some would say they are daring and add flair to an outfit. But honestly how do you avoid looking tacky and just a little weird, I mean they are made of lycra after all.
Maybe it’s just me, maybe because I’m more of a black, whit, grey with a splash of colour girl. Maybe its because I strive for either a sophisticated and polished style or a trashy grunge look depending on which end of the spectrum I’m going for and they just don’t fit in with either of those. But I’m yet to see someone do it right, I’m yet to see someone where them and look spot on. Sure they look great on the model, and in the pictures, but so do many things. Hell, even a garbage bag would look good on some of those girls, but that’s not to say we should all start wearing them.
But as I stare at them I have that feeling where I just think, I would never wear them, I have so many better options of pants to wear..
And just to put it out there, Its not the lycra (even though its very unflattering on most people) or even the leggings part I’m against (I love a good pair of leggings as much as the next girl) its generally just the prints, and how they can look tacky.
But anyway, feast your eyes on these leggings and marvel at how brilliant and funny and just downright great they are. And then try to imagine wearing them in public. I dare you.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.36.49 am Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.41.01 am Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.36.40 am   Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.38.08 am



What am I?

Born in Australia to New Zealand and Dutch parents, technically should make me Australian, however due to Australian stringent immigrant laws, it does but not completely. It’s a fine line really. I however hold both New Zealand and Dutch passports, not an Australian one.

So having a New Zealand passport, the problem isn’t where I can and can’t live, its rather how do I define myself, where am I from? On legal forms and documents I’s either a New Zealand or a Dutch citizen depending on which is most convenient at the time,  but in many matters I’m also Australian, I’m required to vote, I’m eligible for HECS and unemployment benefits.
I have an Australian accent (albeit a weak one) and have spent most of my life there, Australia will always hold a place in my heart, but I’m not sure that I feel it’s my home, or really where I come from.
I do currently now live in New Zealand, I study here, it will be my home for quite a while longer, and after that who knows, will I stay? Will I return to Australia? Will I go elsewhere?
I’m not sure? All I’m really wanting is to be able to tell people where I’m from simply. I’m not sure it can be done though.
The problem is, when I’m in New Zealand or when I was in Europe last year I was considered Australian by all who I met, and that’s what I usually told people.
But in Australia, I’m considered foreign, not foreign enough that English is not my mother tongue, or foreign enough not to have an Australian accent, but foreign enough to be slightly exotic, foreign enough that people you were considered different at times.
Foreign enough that people would ask me where my name came from, or why I was so tall, and when it was explained that my dad was Dutch, it was understood. And from then on that’s how they classified me. I’m not really sure why, considering in this day and age unique (almost weird) names are far more frequent and my height is not that much of an anomaly, especially considering the varied descent of so many Australians.
At the same time though, I would never really consider myself Dutch, even though that’s what I wrote on numerous documents and forms throughout Europe, I can’t even speak the language. But then at the same time, the fact that I’m Dutch is used to define so many of my traits, features and even my name (both first and last), so how can that not be a part of who and what I am.

Some could say I’m lucky, I get to be exotic and I get to belong at the same time. I’m a mix of such diversities. But at the same time, it can make you feel lost, rather than belonging to many I often feel I belong to none. It leaves me wondering, who am I? And what am I?

I guess that’s just something I have to build, to define for myself, to find where I belong, where my heart feels my home is.

$16 well spent.

So today I lost my willpower and entered the op shop (I’d promised myself no more op shopping until I’d fixed up everything I’ve previous bought with plans of revamping) but boy am I glad I did.
$16 later and this is what I walked out with:

  • A black velvet maxi skirt
  • A blue denim shirt
  • A white knee-length pencil skirt
  • A floor length green ‘silk’ nightie (It’s not at all flattering, but I’m going to use the fabric to make a circle skirt
  • A basic blue tshirt
  • A pair of high waist denim shorts that can be rolled up
  • A mint green sweatshirt
  • A pair of grey trackies (I plan to cut them into shorts just to wear around home/to bed)
  • A grey/blue blouse with an intricate collar.
  • A blue/white ‘hawaiian’ print floral muscle style singlet
  • A black triangular evening clutch
  • A vintage looking blue evening bag
  • An unusual, but divine looking candle stick holder (no real purpose, just because I liked it)


Obsession – Hopeless lingerie

So this particular shop I have been following on Facebook for quite some time and am absolutely in love with every single piece, and I haven’t yet actually bought anything, largely due to the fact I just cannot decide what I want most, because currently if my financial situation allowed it I would probably buy ever single item, maybe a few of each so I have spares..
Right now though I’m just watching (and lusting) and trying to decide which piece I should choose to be my first.
One of the things I love so much about this brand is that all the pieces are handmade individually and as such you can feel good about buying them because you won’t be contributing to the sweatshop industry and you also will be sure that each piece will be of incredible quality.
Another thing I’m amazed at is how incredibly classy and gorgeous each individual piece is and how wonderful the styling, designs, marketing and photo shoots that are created by this brand, especially since it is so easy for lingerie to become tasteless and trashy even.

But without further ado, here they are for you to enjoy too.


Sorry for the excessive number of photos too, not only can I not decide what to buy, It seems I also can’t even decide which ones to share with you. But I guess it does prove how much I am actually obsessed with these pieces.

Oh and you can find them on www.facebook.com/pages/Hopeless-Lingerie/42164517446?fref=ts or www.hopelesslingerie.bigcartel.com

Lemony Snicket

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”
-Lemony Snicket

This is my all time favourite quote, its something I aspire to live by. Don’t wait or hold off on things you want to do just because your scared or don’t know what will happen. If you wait, you’ll likely never do it, instead you’ll have to live with the regret of not doing it.
I love this so much, I’m actually thinking of getting it tattoed on me. I’m just not sure where, I it to be a small/thin font and a unique placement, maybe from my neck to shoulder or lengthways along my wrists or I might go not so unique along my ribs. Thoughts?



I swear I must be the queen of procrastination. I can’t help but push things back, saying I’ll do them another day I’ve got better things to do now, even when I don’t, even when not doing them means I’ll just lay in bed and watch movies instead, even when I know that if I do it at a later date I wont do it anywhere near as well, and by not doing it as well there will be ramifications. By not doing it now, I’m only giving myself a lot more work, a lot more catch up in the future. Yet why I procrastinate time and time again.

I think in a way I do things better under pressure, I work harder and more efficiently. Yet with pressure comes lack of time, lack of time to do all that I should be doing.

And even as I sit here, procrastinating by writing this post. I can acknowledge that I’ll regret this procrastination later, I know exactly what I should be doing. Yet here I sit, still not doing it.

This weeks obsession – Cats & Dogs

Each week or so I decided I’d try to post about a product, brand, shop or some exciting new item I’ve discovered.

So i found this amazing new easy store selling pillows, bags and other miscellaneous things all with dog, cat, tiger, panda and other animals faces on them. And its official, I’m in love. So in love in fact that I bought 3 items, a panda and a pug pouch and a black and white cat cross body bag.
Anyway, enough chit chat, feast your eyes on these beauties and tell me with a straight face you’re not in love. Go on, I dare you.
Its not possible is it, they’re just that great!


To purchase your very own, or to just admire some more of these goodies head to



Just a little post about my opinion on this subject. I never understood how people struggle to pay back even the tiniest amount on their debt until now. When I was saving for a car, or a holiday I always found it so easy to be motivated to work and earn as much money as possible. But now that I’m saving just to pay back a debt and all the extra effort and work I put in and all the extra money I earn and never really see, I find it so much more difficult to be motivated.
Its like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, no real, tangible thing that you obtain from working that much harder, nothing to really aim for, no excitement to encourage you.
I know, I know, I spent the money in the first place so technically I did get something from it, but right now it’s hard to see that, hard to remember that.
So I guess all I’m trying to say is I understand, I finally get it. Its a struggle and its demoralising.